Time-lapse Wind turbine construction

As per usual; I started something that I never finished! This time it was a time-lapse of a wind turbine construction right in front of our view from the office (16th floor). I bought a power supply and used Cannon’s remote shooting functionality to create the video below. I used my Cannon EOS 1100D body with a lens from my dad.

I still have the original images logged to my disk somewhere, but I don’t think I’ll make any attempts at a better video any time soon. So here it is;


While making this video I made several newbie mistakes;

  • Considered and started filming when construction was already at 20%, so I missed the first few interesting crane-loads.
  • For the first few days I placed my camera on a carton box in front of the window; not considering the box increases and shrinks in size from the sunlight warming it up.
  • Did not implement some kind of automated warning for when the connection between camera and pc failed (which it did at some deciding moments).
  • Forgot to cut the images to YouTube’s aspect ratio before creating a video.
  • Did not add any audio, although what fits a time-lapse like this?

Next time, if there is ever one, will be better ^^!