Reading habbits (in 2017)

After turning 29 years old (about 3 years ago) I noticed how quickly my twenties passed and how quickly time passes when you get older. So much things left undone, so much still to learn, so little time left in life. As a youngster I was an avid reader and read late into the night, even upsetting my parent because the little sleep I got.

During my twenties I mostly read study books and gradually more and more articles and content on the web. I watched massive amounts of tv-series and movies to get my drift for interesting stories and to enrich my fantasy. This went at the expense of books.

Currently the most prominent or interesting movies and TV-series are based off of books. Even older cult and popular movies such as Fight Club, Jurassic ParkThe Godfather and many more are based off of books! One of my favorites novels was adapted to a movie as well; World War Z.

So I decided to start reading more as this form of stories allows for a wider imagination and use of your own fantasy. It pulls you deeper into the story and keeps you entertained much longer than the two hours most movies wrap the story into.

This year (2017) I’ve read 8 books; (still way below the global average of 12!)

  • The Faults in our Stars – John Green (Amazon)
  • Ready Player One – Ernest Cline (Amazon)
  • Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton (Amazon)
  • The Lost World – Michael Crichton (Amazon)
  • The Case for Mars – Robert Zubrin (Amazon)
  • Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk (Amazon)
  • Aurora – Kim Stanley Robinson (Amazon)
  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind – Yuval Noah Harari (Amazon)

Tracking Screen Time

Today, I once again saw and read an article about the way we’re all attracted to use apps on our smartphone more and more. By giving us for every interaction a small meaningless reward. It is becoming an increasingly mainstream topic; we’re all controlled by the giant (social-)media and app companies to continuously spend time using their apps or services. All of us are wasting time by trying to maintain a social profile towards people that already know and care about us.

I myself am quite aware that my smartphone is really dear to me, and that sometimes I use it way to much.

The article offered an app to track your screen time usage on your smartphone; Moment. However it wants you to take screenshots of your battery & app-usage every week, something I’m sure I will forget someday. And it tracks every app individually, which is something I’m not that interested in or want to share with another company.

Another app which is less extensive but gives just the right amount of information without any extra effort is RealizD. Below an example of my usage of the last month. 

Any conclusions or changes about my behavior will follow in 2018!

To be continued..