Registered for NK Boardgames

Together with college’s I registered for the Dutch Championship Boardgames as team “Soltegro Saboteurs”. As a team of four we’ll be playing four games individually against other players, the finishing places will be awarded points. Points from all matches will be tallied to determine the winning team! The top 3 teams will get an invitation to the European championship.

The games that we’ll be playing:

  • De Glasstraat (White Goblin Games)
  • Relic Runners (Tactic Selecta)
  • Amerigo (Queen Games)
  • Coal Baron (Bergsala Enigma)


1 thought on “Registered for NK Boardgames

  1. We finished 13th! I myself was among the top players of the tournament with two wins, one 2nd place and a 3rd place.

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