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Since a month or two I got into reading about and trading with Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer currency. A few weeks down the road I joined the Bitcoin IRC-channels and made some connections with other Dutch people interested in Bitcoin. At the time it seemed there was no website out there keeping track of all the Dutch Bitcoin news in the media. So I registered a new domain and setup a WordPress blog at [discontinued].

The Bitcoin Club site will be updated with news and articles related to Bitcoin in the Dutch media.¬†We’ll also try to write some articles ourselves about the background of Bitcoin, or the current market or any other interesting news. If you’re interested in Bitcoin watch the Youtube video below.

1 thought on “Bitcoin Club

  1. Site was discontinued shortly after it started. Lost interest in bitcoin aswell, until the price rose over 10.000 euro’s!

    Sold a small bit of my remaining bitcoins today. Still unsure when to sell the rest, it’s not much, but worth so much more than when I bought it!

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