Projects I’m currently working on:

WordGro (nov-2015 – now)
For work I started an internal project almost 2 years ago to upgrade our document-generation scripts used in Enterprise Architect to a full-fledge plugin. This allowed version-control, code-analysis, unit-testing and other quality enhancements and at the same time greatly reduced generation times. Currently it is being used by between 8 and 12 people. During my spare time I sometimes develop extra features or integrate new technologies or improve workflows.

Allium (jul-2017 – now)
My pet-peave project; WordGro has recently gained traction with some of our customers and they would like to use it aswell. Because of this I started thinking about measuring usage and generation times. There are several .NET/C# projects out there that offer Google Analytics integration, however all of them have their flaws. Thus I’ve started my own project… (still young)

LoraRepeater (summer of 2016 – now)
Last year we’ve bought an IoT router at work, however it doesn’t come with any statistics or tracking software. I’ve thus created a ‘repeater’ that generates statistics before forwarding messages to the Things Network. It is based in, and is running for months already. However development is paused until further action is required. This might be soonish…

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